Mattay 7:14 & Mattay 10:28

Mattay 7:14.How narrow is the gate and strict the way that leads to life, and few are those who find it!
Mattay 10:28 “And you shall not be afraid of those who kill the body that are not able to kill the soul; rather be afraid of him who can destroy soul and body in Gehenna.”

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Prevented from life but I plan a wedding

Email me one is my aol account and the other a gmail account please try to send something ok please: Send me an email or try please

Send me an email or try please


 Get the picture? Be sure to view source right click choose see my top header stuff.  This first what put: code turned to view source moved all round also not in the order should see: so another battle will add banner to this:

I joined 2 christian dating over 60 sites back when I created this blog.. prevented from all I was this was one of them  Challenging the men to talk with me here.. since I couldn't talk to anyone there.  of course my name removed off this blog...removed to even see the about me as I listed like 3 different emails to contact me.  So I will try again.  I am probably being charged for all this too shit dam shit...I want my bank account closed dam judge I emailed too F'n shit was supposed to end this and didn't I ask the question last time.  I testify of evil and am hated that is followers of Messiah only.

Wedding how to do for hopefully those that are one coming or should I say more to come of course I would want wine twice first repentance or should say forgiveness of sin, then after I did put the scriptures ... what the couple would have holding together would be word of God open to Messiah's words..standing on held by them put scriptures there.  The list of scriptures just some but plan to basically write it myself.  Objections would be taken to Father's court room in heaven of course.  Well a proper order is desired and if I am out of order in binding Satan as to when things like this I really want to know.  You get the idea of demands I have. Devorced 3-17-22 set my wedding date if one don't hold your breath... 9-11-22 and I will have my son working for me only before then or no marriage at all. That man no agree with me then get it. We are on two different playing fields. Good luck finding the man called "The Word Of God"

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